About Clean Oil Technology

Welcome to COT – Clean Oil Technology AB (publ)

COT develops and markets a patented environmental technology which continuously eliminates liquid contaminants in lubricating and hydraulic oils while the engine/machine is operating. COT Oil Refiner System® reduces free and dissolved liquid in hydraulic oils to levels well below 100 PPM. The system’s continuous operation minimises the need for downtimes due to oil change. COT Oil Refiner System® also facilitates the conversion to biofuels by minimizing the deterioration of oils caused by biofuels. The system’s simple design and limited maintenance needs enable  economical operation in hydraulic and industrial applications.

COT is a Swedish public company with its headquarteres in Ljungby, Sweden.  COT shares have been listed on the Alternativa Aktiemarknaden in Sweden since April, 2014.

COT’s three business sectors:

  • Biofuel: Engines operated with biofuels.
  • Hydraulic Stationary: Hydraulic oils in stationary installations
  • Hydraulic Mobile: Construction equipment, Forestry equipment, Agricultural and Marin