The environment

Environmental facts

  • Sweden alone consumes about 115 million litres (30 million US gallons) of motor and hydraulic oils annually.
  • Producing, transporting, changing and disposing of these oils costs USD 650m annually just in Sweden.
  • During a 10 year period, we will have used more than 1.3 billion litres (343.4 million US gallons) of oil with a value of USD 7 800m.
  • From an environmental standpoint, 115 million litres of waste oil generates 380 million kg (419,000 short tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually.
  • The use of biofuels has negative effects on lubricating oils, necessitating more frequent oil changes than would normally be required

Benefits of the COT Oil Refiner® System

  • Unique solution to the problems of liquid contaminations in oils
  • Reduced handling of waste oil and increased efficiency of the engine
  • Continuously clean oil causes less engine wear and safer operation
  • Facilitates changeover to biofuels
  • Prevents motor breakdown and extends the lifetime of the engine and hydraulic systems.