The Problem

Contaminated hydraulic oils wear down components in a hydraulic system and have negative impact on its functionality. This leads to reduced productivity, a well known problem within the hydraulic industry.

Most systems are consequently equipped with some form of particle filter. Most users are also aware of  contamination caused by the intrusion of water into  a hydraulic system which becomes even more of a problem when using bio-oils.

Even very small quantities of water cause continuous wear on pumps, valves, bearings, seals and gears. In addition to this, water creates an environment for rust which will cause breakdowns followed by expensive repair costs.

The water has to be removed from the oil!

The only way to keep dissolved water away from the oil is to add energy to the oil  which combined with a directed air flow creates an evaporation process that releases water molecules from the oil. Ordinary filters can reduce the "free" water but have no effect on dissolved water. Filter solutions  also have the disadvantage of quickly becoming filled with water which, in turn,  implies significantly reduced efficiency and costly filter replacements.

COT Oil Refiner®will through its patented technique reduce  PPM levels to well under 200 PPM without jeopardising any oil oxidation or  harming any additives in the oil.