The system for industrial environmentally friendly oil management to minimize costs

Clean oil


COT Oil Refiner System


“Significantly extends the life-span of the oil”
“Facilitates conversion from mineral oil to bio-based oil”
“Reduces the consumption of spare parts”

Benefits of COT Oil Refiner System

  • No filter changes
  • Longer intervals between oil changes
  • Facilitates the conversion to bio-based oils. 
  • Prevents breakdowns and increases the life-span of engines and operating systems, because of improved oil quality.
  • Reduces maintenance costs of the system.

Financial benefits of COT Oil Refiner System

  • Low initial investment compared to alternative solutions
  • No filter changes required to remove water
  • Low service requirement
  • Extended life for ball bearings, gears, seals and gaskets
  • Reduced oil change costs


About COT-Clean Oil Technology AB

COT AB is a Swedish public limited liability Company based in Ljungby, Sweden. The company develops and markets technology for continuous reduction of water contaminations in lubricating and hydraulic oils during operation of industrial equipments.

Eliminating free as well as dissolved water in operating oils will extend the life-span of the system components as well as of the oil itself. It also facilitates the conversion from fossil mineral oils to bio-based oils.

Clean Oil Technology AB

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