Clean Oil Technology

COT AB Box 115 SE-341 22 Ljungby Sweden COT OIL REFINER • Significantly reduces and continuously keeps the level of free and dissolved water to low PPM-levels → Increased lifetime of the oil and system components • Facilitates the conversion to biodegradeable oil → Improved sustainablity & environmentally friendly system and reduced risk for vanish, • Reduces maintenance cost → Improved total cost of ownership • Easy to install and requires limited space for installation → Fits most applications • Increases the lifetime of components → Short investment pay-back period • Extend the lifetime of the oil → Reduced cost for oil destruction and downtime losses. • Oil kidney opportunity by adding a free water & particle filter when water intrusion fluctuates → A complete and optimal long term oil refining function. • Reduce the risk for growth of rust. The advantages by using COT Oil Refiner System are considerable: Securing continually oil functionability and properties for industrial oils to support customer applications durability and efficiency for improved sustainable solutions The presence of particles in industrial oils has since long been managed by different particle filter solutions while the problem with water intrusion just partly has been dealt by filters (and for bigger applications, separators) incapable to reduce the dissolved water within the oil. Known to most service and maintenance staff, water intrusion into machine oils, especially hydraulic and lubrication applications, seriously damages and causes wear and tear on different operating systems. Damaged machine parts and following downtime can often be related to water contamination. By continuously keeping the PPM-level at low levels the risk for destruction of the oil and components is significantly reduced. A continuously high oil quality means considerable cost savings for the company The more technically sophisticated the systems are developed, the more sensitive the systems will be of the presence of dissolved water. Also, the growing problem of the formation of varnish within the systems by using modern mineral oil, also highlights the necessity to consider conversion to bio-based oil, which are even more sensitive to water presence wihin the oil. To minimize the presence of water means great environmental benefits both considering the lifetime of the oil and system components as it facilitates the opportunity for the conversion to biodegradable oils.