“Keeps your oil free from harmful water”

COT 2000

Technical Data – COT 2000


45 kg (100lb)


450x470x570 mm (18x19x23 inch)



Power Consumtion

100W in operation

COT 600

Technical Data – COT 600


8 kg


180Ø, 138mm height


Voltage 24VDC 10A

Maximum Power Consumtion


The model is recommended for oil volumes between 0-1000 liters, depending on water intrusion, with 600l as a guide value.

COT Oil Kidney System

Capacity D 090 F 350
Particles (3µ) 20g 65g
Water 60 ml 350 ml

This version includes also an extra water absorbing filter (including particle absorbation) to be recommended if the system is out of function for longer periods or if water intrusion is extraordinary high

COT Oil Refiner® placed within the COT Catch Tank is the key component in COT Oil Refiner® System. With its patented point-heating method, water molecules are released from the oil without the risk of oil oxidation. By choosing additional components, the system could be optimized to the customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Tank sizes > 2000 liters

When tank size exceeds 2000 liters, additional units could be recommended to be installed.
Advantages of installing COT Catch Tank

  1. Returning oil from the catch tank will be connected directly to the the main oil system without modifications on the ordinary tank or flow system.
  2. Flexible installation enables the possibility to install the Catch Tank optimized depending on the existing equipment.