It’s not maintenance. It’s a solution.

Remove water from industrial oil
without downtime

Maintenance is an expensive band-aid

Thousands of liters of industrial oil are thrown away each year due to particle and water pollution. Oil that still would be serviceable if kept clean.

Destruction of oil, filters, and other consumables is expensive for both the economy and the environment.

Simply changing the oil does not solve the problem. Regardless of the source of the contamination, it is necessary to keep the oil clean — continuously.

Water in oil creates particles

Water creates erosion and an increased amount of particles in the oil. The particles cause damage to machinery and components.

In addition, the oil’s lubricating ability declines because the oil binds more water and thus enables further water penetration through increased wear.

Water in oil is harmful to both the oil and the application where it is used. The water cause oxidation, which adds to the problems with varnish.

Water in oil also causes corrosion, generating particles and leading to increased deterioration of machinery components. Moreover, the oil ages prematurely.

It becomes a vicious circle.

Poor-quality oil lowers productivity by up to 30%. The results are enormous costs due to unplanned downtime and also costs for oil changes and spare parts. On top of that are added costs for the destruction of unusable oil. Oil that could have been used much, much longer.

For nothing.

An exceptionally low moisture level
in continuous operation

COT Oil Refiner proactively removes free, emulsified, and dissolved water from hydraulic, lubrication, and, transmission systems and keeps the water content <100ppm for mineral oil and <200ppm for bio-oils — in continuous operation.

The compact system fits easily into limited spaces. The basic configuration weighs 5-8 kg and only consumes 50-100W in operation. It is designed for retrofitting existing applications and new systems and is easy to integrate.

Since each liter of oil causes an emission of 3.8 kg of CO2 during its life cycle, the COT Oil Refiner has a significantly positive environmental impact.

The system also facilitates the transition from fossil mineral oils and benefits from the positive qualities of bio-based oil.

“…we’ve been able to track the moisture level in the oil over time and see that the oil is getting drier. The water ratio is steadily decreasing until it normalizes at a very low level far from getting any precipitation of water in the oil.”

Stefan Sörmark, CTO, Marine Jet Power

See how it works

See COT600 Oil Refiner in operation.

The Total Cost of Ownership
drastically decreases

Pure industrial oil prolongs the periods of continuous operation. It directly affects the service life of machine components.

To proactively prevent contamination in the oil increases efficiency up to 30% and reduces the total lifetime cost.

COT Oil Refiner is an energy-efficient solution with high capacity.

With a low initial investment, it is the most efficient solution for purifying industrial oil for hydraulic, lubrication, and, transmission systems.

COT Oil Refiner usually increases oil life by at least 100% or more.

COT Oil Refiner System is for you if:

  • you have extensive costs for service interruption
  • you’re coping with frequent oil changes and repairs
  • you encounter component damage
  • you have costly expenses for oil changes
  • you have applications in humid environments
  • your system is exposed to great temperature changes
  • your application requires precision and continuous, high-quality oil
  • you need to meet industry or legal requirements
  • you use mineral oils
  • you use bio-based oils
  • you are planning to transition from mineral to bio-based oils
“You can use the oil much, much longer”.

A maintenance-free system

COT Oil Refiner operates in regular operation as a permanent solution.

Alternative refinement systems, for example, separators, tend to be large, expensive, and complicated to maintain in continuous operation. They are high in energy consumption and require service and maintenance.

Other options, such as filters, can be challenging to monitor and see when they have become saturated with water. The function is lost, which damages the oil and the components.

COT Oil Refiner System is maintenance-free, which saves large sums.

With COT Oil Refiner System you will get:

  • A continuously low water content so you can use the oil much longer
  • A moisture level <100 ppm in mineral oil
  • A moisture level <200 ppm in bio-oil
  • Reduced presence of particles in oil and system
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the system/application
  • A significantly reduced CO2 footprint
  • Extends oil change intervals by at least double the time
  • Eliminates the need to destroy residual products during oil purification
  • Minimized costs and need for maintenance
  • Energy-efficient oil purification for hydraulic, lubrication, and, transmission systems
  • Increased lifetime of components in the application
  • A fully customized configuration designed according to your application and environment
  • A maintenance-free oil purification system