Environonmental benefits

Environmental Benefits

Environmental facts

  1. In Sweden alone, around 115 million litres of industrial oils are consumed every year.
  2. Producing, transporting, changing and destroying these oils costs SEK 5 billion/year.
  3. Over a 10-year period, we will have used over 1.3 billion litres of oil to a value of SEK 60 billion.
  4. 115 million litres of waste oil emit 380 million kg of CO2 per year.

Benefits of the COT Oil Refiner® System

  1. No filter changes
  2. Longer intervals between oil changes
  3. Reduced need for disposal of oil and oil filters
  4. Facilitates the conversion to usage of environmental fuels. 
  5. Prevents breakdowns and increases the life-span of operating systems, as the oil quality increases.