The function


The COT Oil Refiner System, with its main component COT Oil Refiner, eliminates the growing problem with mixed-in water in machine oils, such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gearbox oil, and more. The COT System eliminates free and emulsified water as well as significantly reduces the dissolved water within the oil.

Known to most service and maintenance personnel, water intrusion into machine oils will seriously damage and cause wear and tear on different sytem components. A machine’s downtime and damaged machine parts can often be related to water contamination. Water and air contamination in the oil is inevitable and causes in all its forms severe harmful damages on all parts of the system. By consistently reducing water content in the oil, you extend the life of components and gain a significant cost savings in long term perspectives.

COT Oil Refiner System removes intrusive water from:

  1. Hydraulic oil
  2. Lubricating oil
  3. Gearbox oil


  1. Removes all occurrence of water and significantly reduces the level of dissolved water to low PPM levels continuously
  2. Facilitates the conversion to biodegradeable oil
  3. Reduces maintenance cost
  4. Easy to install
  5. Reduces operating costs
  6. Increases the lifespan of hydraulic components
  7. Extends the lifespan on oils


The amount of water the COT Oil Refiner System
can remove depends on oil temperature, oil flow, and the ambient air humidity. To ensure optimal function of COT Oil Refiner System, all these parameters must be considered. On average, the removing capacity is approximately 5ml per hour (0,3 fl. Oz).