COT Oil Refiner® is the key component of the COT Oil Refiner® System. With the patented point-heating method, water molecules are released from the oil without creating any risk of oxidation of the oil. The system creates a significant reduction in the occurrence of water in the oil. With complementary components, virtually all hydraulic systems can use the COT Oil Refiner® System.

Capacity and performance

Capacity: The amount of water COT Oil Refiner® System
can remove depends on oil temperature, oil flow, and the ambient air humidity. To ensure optimal function of COT Oil Refiner® System, these para- meters must be considered

and optimized. On average,
the removing capacity is approximately 5ml per hour (0,3 fl. Oz).

Constantly low ppm-level of water

COT Oil Refiner® System keeps the water content at very low PPM-level with its capacity also to reduce the dissolved water within the oil. The difference betwenn COT Oil Refiner System and an ordinay filter solution is showned below.